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Welcome to Bettiah Online

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Hello! I am Ayaz, currently thousands of miles away from this place, which is my very own and close to my heart, no matter wherever I might be. I was born and brought up here, and had my early education. Wherever I remain, I will remain connected to it.

A Tribute to Bettiah

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About Bettiah Online

Bettiah Online is a tribute to the place that is close to my heart. Bettiah Online had its beginning with couple of pages dedicated to Bettiah on my first personal website hosted on Yahoo! Geocities "Ayaz n' his own World!", then as a part of my official website at IIT Bombay, where I did my PhD. Now it has its own exclusive place on the web as It will also be available on other similar primary domains, viz.,, and in near future. These domain names have already been acquired. Its Bettiah Club, which is there since Yahoo! Geocities days, has brought over 100 people from across the globe, who are in some way or another related to Bettiah.

About Bettiah

Bettiah is a small town and headquarters of the West Champaran district, near Indo-Nepal border, 225 Kilometres north-west of Patna, in Bihar. It was the seat of the majestic Bettiah Raj, established in the 17th century. Its palaces and temples narrate its magnificient history.

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